Getting Started

Step 1

Plug your du-touch

Your du-touch might come with an empty battery. If it is empty, plug in it at least five minutes before powering it on. When on charge, you can play with it. Jump to step 2.

Step 2

Install du-station

To get the last features, please update your du-touch. To do so, first download the du-station and install it on your computer. Start the du-station. You will be invited to create an account. Once confirmed, jump to step 3.

 Step 3

Update your du-touch

We release updates for your du-touch periodically. To update it, use the USB cable to plug your du-touch to your computer and start the du-station software. You will be prompt if an update is available. Once done, you can unplug your du-touch and jump to step 4.

Step 4

Watch the tutorials

The video tutorials are a great ressource to start with. The user guide is available for download both in our website and in the du-community tab inside the du-station software.


The du-station is the computer software that accompanies your du-touch and allows you to:

  • update your du-touch;
  • update your du-touch’s soundbank;
  • save/export your du-musics on your computer;
  • load du-musics from your computer to your du-touch;
  • import du-music files created by another dualist into your du-touch.

Many features will be added in the next updates. When an update is available, you are prompted at du-station launch.

To download du-station, click on the button corresponding to your configuration:

Debian Linux (.deb): from Debian 7 (wheezy-backports), Ubuntu 14.04 (trusty)…

du-station - Linux 64 bits .deb


General information

Where can I buy the dualo du-touch?

You can buy the dualo du-touch from our webstore. Stay tuned, as we will be announcing many more locations in the coming months.

Where is the dualo du-touch made?

The dualo du-touch is designed and assembled in France.

What are the dimensions and battery life of the dualo du-touch?

285 x 285 x 80 mm / 1.2 kg
(11.2 in x 11.2 in x 3.15 in / 2.64 lbs )
Battery life in power saver mode: 6 months; battery life in play mode: ~8-9h. You can increase this time by lowering the key luminosity.

What software comes with the dualo du-touch?

The downloadable du-station software is included with the purchase of a dualo du-touch (available for Mac OSX, Microsoft Windows and Linux).

What is du-station?

Du-station is the dualo’s software (Mac OS, Microsoft and Linux). Du-station is the link between your computer and your dualo du-touch. It allows you to import, export and share musics, sounds, samples and presets.

What is included in the package?

The dualo du-touch comes with a cotton protective cover, an international 100-240V AC-USB adaptator (FR/EUR, US, UK, AUS), an USB A/B cable and a Quickstart sheet.

How long is the warranty of the du-touch?

The du-touch has a two year warranty

Is the dualo keyboard an accordion keyboard?

The dualo keyboard is a cousin of the accordion keyboard, but it differs a lot. You can find an explanation of the dualo keyboard in this video. The du-touch also provide other layouts inspired by the accordion and the piano, see this video or report to the user manual.

I never played music before, how can I start with the du-touch?

The du-touch is one of the instruments which will give you the best experience in just a few moments. With a minimum sense of rhythm, you will be able to play a whole song in a matter of minutes. There are several ways to start with a du-touch. You can download interactive scores (called du-musics files) on the dualo community forum and start learning by following the lights under the keys of the du-touch. If the tempo goes too fast, slow it down. With a bit of logic, you can also understand the power of the dualo keyboard, light up a scale and let your imagination guide your finger son the lighted keys. If you stay on the lights, you will never be out of tune, if you play consecutive lighted keys at the same time, you will make chords. One last tip: on the dualo keyboard, improvisation sounds better when you alternate between left and right keyboards.

What do I need to plug to the du-touch to hear the sound?

You can either plug headphones or amplifiers to the du-touch, thanks to both 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch audio stereo connector. Either combinaison will work, but to get the best sound, use the 1/8-inch connector for headphones and the 1/4-inch connector for P.A. systems, Hi-fi auxiliary input or any other line level input.

Why there is no speaker inside the du-touch?

That was a tough question during conception, but we prefer you choose the device which fits your needs. With an integrated speaker, the du-touch would have been heavier and the battery would have last shorter, with a sound quality which would have hardly covered the tessiture of inboard sounds.


Does the dualo keys have velocity?

The dualo du-touch provides 116 soft silicone pads with pressure sensitivity, which give you velocity and aftertouch.

Can I adjust the sensitivity of the du-touch?

The dualo du-touch has 3 different velocity modes, which can be set for each du-sound preset:
– flat: whatever the intensity of the strike, the velocity is always the same value. Perfect for kids and beginners;
– standard: default curve
– piano/forte: This curve offers more nuances and hence greater musicality. It’s also the hardest to master!

What are the different controllers?

The dualo du-touch has 2 side sliders, a central slider and a 3-axis accelerometer and gyro movement sensor. You can affect any parameters of the multi-effect, the sound engine and the sequencer to any controller.

How many sounds comes with the du-touch?

The du-touch can store up to 116 different sounds. It comes with around 85 sounds, but the sound bank is constantly improved. Also in the first quarter of 2016, you will be able to upload your own samples inside the du-touch memory, via the du-station software. This will be released as a free update, like all updates.

What are the du-touch's effects?

Du-touch has different effects like:
– Panning
– Octaver
– Multi-note
– Portamento
– Equalizer
– Vibrato
– Wah-Wah
– Distortion
– Modulations
– Delay/echo

Technical Specifications

Is the du-touch USB-powered?

Yes, and the internal battery charges when connected to USB.

How long does the battery last?

When fully charged, the battery delivers up to 8-9 hours of continuous play.

What are the du-touch's connectors?

The dualo du-touch has headphones output, audio line output, MIDI DIN output and USB connector for charging and USB MIDI in/out.

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Ask the community

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