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du-touch S

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The ideal companion to play music following your inspiration. The du-touch S combines everything you need to play and compose with uncanny intuitiveness. It’s 3-octave optimized dualo keyboard allows you to play instantaneously your musical ideas. Powered by a 8-hour battery and including 50 internal sounds and a  1 GB-memory sampler, enjoy playing everywhere and share your creations without restraint.

2-years warranty. Designed and assembled in France. Delivered with the du-station software.

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Expected Delivery Date: MARCH 2017.

Why should I pay now for delivery in several months?

Dualo is an independent start-up that does not use traditional distribution channels. Since the beginning of its adventure, Dualo is financed by our customers who trust us and avoid us to deal with the banking system. Thus, Dualo has to be accountable only to its customers.

Booking your du-touch invites you to be a full part of the project development and of the birth of a new music instrument.

Additional Information


3-octave full chromatic dualo keyboard, 26 notes per keyboard
52 pressure sensitive pads with three colors
3 touchable sliders and 3 touchable button
2-axis accelerometer and gyro movement sensors
USB MIDI-compatible: Mac OS, iOS, Windows, Linux, Android


Wave table synthesizer
96-note polyphony for 8 multimbrals parts
1 Go memory for the wave table
52 factory sounds: editable and replaceable
4-preset memory per sound
1 Muti-effect for each track


7-track looper/séquenceur
26-song memory, 16 tracks each
Functions : metronome, quantizer, score player

I/O and main characteristics

1 stereo audio outputs : 1/8″ TRS jack
Bluetooth MIDI In & Out
USB B connector (used to charge the battery and as a MIDI port)
Dimensions : 7.10 x 7,10 x 1,9 inches ; weight : 600g
Battery life in save mode : 20 days, battery life in play mode : 8h
The battery can charge on all USB port (AC adaptator, computer, …)

Package contents

Cotton protective cover
Quickstart paper
USB A/B cable
International USB AC adaptator (FR-EUR, US, UK, AUS)
Software Editor freely downloadable on dualo.org