« 15 minutes to get used to an instrument – beautiful! » PV NOVA – Youtuber & Multi-instrumentist

« It’s incredible to do so many things with such little device. I love it! » Nnéna – Amateur Musician.

« The ergonomy, the gestures to record, mix your sounds etc. It is so easy ! » Niktus – Professional Bass player

“I wanted to play music […] as I had to choose an instrument, I decided to buy one that makes everything!” Romain – Beginner musician

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dualo du-touch S

499,00 inc. VAT


The dualo du-touch S is the ideal companion to play music following your inspiration. The du-touch S combines everything you need to play and compose with uncanny intuitiveness. Its 3-octave optimized dualo keyboard allows you to play instantaneously your musical ideas. Powered by a 8-hour battery and including up to 52 internal sounds and a 1Gb-memory sampler, enjoy playing everywhere and share your creations without restraint.

  • 2-year warranty
  • Designed and assembled in France.
  • Delivered with the du-station software.


Additional information


3-octave full chromatic dualo keyboard, 26 notes per keyboard / 52 pressure sensitive pads with three colors / 3 touchable sliders and 3 touchable buttons / 2-axis accelerometer and gyro movement sensors / USB MIDI-compatible : Mac OS, iOS, Windows, Linux, Android


Wave table synthesizer / 96-note polyphony for 8 multimbrals parts / 1Gb-memory for the wave table / 52 factory sounds : editable and replaceable / 4-preset memory per sound / 1 multi-effect for each sound and track


7-track looper/sequencer / 26-song memory, 16 tracks each / Functions : metronome, quantizer, score displayer

I/O and main characteristics

1 stereo audio outputs : 1/8″ TRS jack / MIDI In & Out / USB B connector (used to charge the battery and as a MIDI port) / Dimensions : 7.10 x 7,10 x 1,9 inches ; weight : 600g / Battery life in save mode : 20 days, battery life in play mode : 8h / The battery can charge on any USB port (AC adaptator, computer, …)

Package contents

Cotton protective cover / Quickstart paper / USB A/B cable / International USB AC adaptator (FR-EUR, US, UK, AUS) / du-station software editor downloadable for free on dualo.org/support