Dualo, The most complete musical instrument of its generation

We have entered an era where anyone can become a composer thanks to computer-aided music. With powerful softwares you can compose with endless possibilities.

With the du-touch, this potential is at your fingertips thanks to a hyper-intuitive interface and a design that will allow you to play and compose easily wherever and whenever you want.


Simple, isn’t it?

a picture of Nnéna

« It’s incredible to do so many things with such little device. I love it! » Nnéna – Amateur Musician. Watch the video >>>

Is it an accordion? Is it a launchpad?
No it’s a Dualo

All you need to compose & play music

A powerful composition tool – pick a sound from the synthesizer, sculpt your sound, record your track, repeat as many times as necessary and mix your loops together. Create your songs following your inspiration, and share them.

the du-touch comes with an intagrated looper


(7 tracks)

du-touch comes with an integrated synthesizer


(Up to 116 sounds)

the du-touch is a sound sampler


(Up to 2GB memory)

du-touch comes with an integrated multi-effect


(13 settings)

du-touch is a MIDI controller


Pressure sensors, sliders, accelerometer

into 1 device

Cyril Atef a famous drummer talks about his du-touch

« Great tool for learning music, for working and also very convenient. » Cyril Atef – Professional drummer. Watch the video >>>

Nothing to care of, just music…

A Mobile & Autonomous instrument

8 hours of battery life

fits easily into your backpack & you don’t need your computer

a picture of PV NOVA

« 15 minutes to get used to an instrument – beautiful! » PV NOVA – Youtuber & Multi-instrumentist. Watch the video >>>

The most intuitive instrument

Scales and chords represented by simple shapes

The Dualo’s revolutionary design gives you easy access to the settings. Three buttons only to set your music from A to Z.

The notes are arranged in thirds on each keyboard so that the chords fall naturally under your fingers. The scales and chords are represented by simple geometric shapes, chord progressions can be played by simply sliding your fingers along the keypad.You will literally see and understand what you play and after a few weeks your reflexes will let you play without thinking.

You can have fun with the keyboard straight away: display the scale of your choice thanks to backlit pads, then start by feeling your way, the notes that form chords are grouped together. You can create harmony without even thinking about it and writing catchy melodies even if you’ve got no musical experience.

a picture with a subset of the double dualo keyboard, showing that semitones are arranged horizontally and minor and major thirds in a hexagonal scheme
a picture of Niktus a professional bass player

« The ergonomy, the gestures to record, mix your sounds etc. It is so easy ! » Niktus – Professional Bass player. Watch the video >>>

A connected instrument

Customize your du-touch the way you want

Your du-touch is accompanied by a free application: the du-station software, compatible with Mac, PC and Linux, that lets you:

  • Update your du-touch and benefit from new features and sounds. It’s also your chance to give us feedback and contribute to the project. We’re always happy to find new ways to improve the dualo experience.
  • Manage your music: upload and download your sounds in the .wav format. The du-touch has a 2Gb memory which you can fill the way you like.
  • Save and share your music when your du-touch is full.

In addition, the du-touch can also be used as a MIDI controller to drive hardware or software synths on all computers without having to install software or drivers.

The du-touch power from 479€