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  • Ok, will do. Thanks!
  • Just realised it is the same for the du-sounds i downloaded from du-sound.orgFor example the music sounds of Slim Shady are loud, but as soon as i activate Eminems vocals and try to add same while the music plays - you cannot hear them at all. What…
  • Hi SergueiOk, but thats the setiings i used during export in Audacity, strange. I'll try again. One more thing though: All my Vocal Samples i created and uploaded are WAY to quiet and even manual adjustment of a single du-sound does not help. I …
  • Ok, i just thought the mapping process in the Background knows this and takes care to move any sound to the next available Key. Thanks for the answer. Now all i need still is my Dualo du-touch, as it has not arrived yet. Should be here by the end of…
  • Ok, i see. Thank you.Good i pre-ordered both Version.  Can't wait to play myself.
    in Eminem Comment by Andy January 2017
  • Hi Sergueï Thanks a lot! I did not have a Login for yet. I now registered myself and loaded the Files in my du-station Software. One more question, maybe you know:  Will the du-music File only work with the dualo du-touch or also…
    in Eminem Comment by Andy January 2017
  • PSI think i look for a source where i can download all those samples that i would collect under "my du-sounds" in du-station - correct?
    in Eminem Comment by Andy January 2017
  • HelloWell, while i wait for my own Dualo i try to learn and prepare as much as i can in advance. Just to be sure: The File i can download on this page will enable the Dualo to show the notes i need to play, but all the sound and lyrics .wav sample…
    in Eminem Comment by Andy January 2017