Button Sticks

Hello! I've been playing Dualo S for a while and absolutely love it! However one of my buttons have started to stick and play when I touch any part of Dualo. The plastic button itself doesn't look stuck. Could it be a software issue?


  • Hello,

    Glad to hear you like your instrument, and we will do anything to keep it this way and help you :p

    Maybe the keys silicone layer under the black grid is not well put as it should be, maybe after a shock or anything during the travel to US :/

    • If you knead the concerned key, does it solve the problem ?

    • Is the black grid well assembled (no weird gap) ? The only thing I can ask you to do before suggesting a welding issue, is can you check by carefully disassembling the grid ? You have to make sure the silicone is under the housing, perfectly covering the green circuit board beneath, before putting the grid back again above it.

    Please send us an email at support@dualo.org for an answer if your problem is not solved.
    Hope it helped !

  • I was able to knead the stuck button so that it wouldn't play when I press surrounding buttons. But it will still play when I press the black sides. I think it'll be fine for now and if it gets worse I'll try to open it up.

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