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Hello everyone, I'm so excited after getting my du-touch S recently! I have started experimenting with the "universal" layout because it is most similar to the chromatic button accordion layout that I'm used to. However, I noticed that a lot of the default sounds are missing notes from the C that is closest to the top of the right side of the du-touch (if you're looking at it when it's in your lap) to the C at the bottom on the left side. My problem is that the bass side of the du-touch usually gets too low when using most sounds in the "universal" layout.

Does anyone know how I can re-map my favorite sounds so that the lowest sounding C on the right side of the du-touch is the same note as the highest sounding C on the left side of the du-touch? The "church organ" sound is the only one I've found that is mapped to my liking but when I tried to make my own copy with the same specifications in the sample editor for the "musette" sound, it still had the same problem.

Thank you for the help! Unfortunately I only speak english but google translate has helped me navigate most language barriers so far :)


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    Hello Darmund, you can select official du-sounds in the du-station software > tab du-sounds, and drag n drop them in "my du-sounds" so you can edit them. Then double click on one, and you can edit the spread of the samples, before loading the du-sounds in your du-touch (in replacement of the other ones).
    Let me know if you need more details ;)

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    Thanks for the help! I copied the "musette" sound that I liked and tried to edit my own du-sound so that the spread of the samples was the same as the "church organ" sound. The first screenshot is the "church organ" spread and the second screenshot is the new "musettes" spread which I've named "concertina".

    Edit: Sorry, I'm having a hard time attaching screenshots. I converted them to .pdf files but I don't see them being posted.

    When I created my new "concertina" du-sound using the "musette" sample with the same spread as the "church organ" I still ended up with the same problem of notes missing between the top C on the right side of the du-touch (when looking at it in your lap) and the C on the bottom of the left side on the du-touch. I don't know what about the "church organ" sample that makes the universal layout work so that there are not missing notes between octaves.

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    Please refer to previous comment

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    I didn't understand at first, now I get it after trying :p
    It seems to be a problem only on the du-touch S ! At first it was designed on the Pro version (bigger one), and not really tested on the small version.

    If you need it to work well that way, you may need to duplicate samples and arrange them in a way that from the gap, everything is lowered ; so you would have

    Octave 0, "1st half" octave 1, gap, "2nd half" octave 1, octave 2... instead of octave 0, "1st half" octave 1, gap, "2nd half" octave 2...

    I guess that you would also have some notes of the octave 1 repeated on both sides but the gap problem would disappear.

    Let me know if that helps

  • Ok, I will try that. But I tried to change the reference notes to match the "church organ" sound sample to my new du-sound and it didn't work.

    Also, do you know if there is a way we can transpose the layout on the du-touch without using du-station? The limited range of the du-touch S makes some songs impossible to play and I was hoping I wouldn't have to make all new du-sounds for whatever keys I needed.

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    Via the du-touch you can only change the octave of the whole keyboard. About that there is a shortcut (explained here : at 1:10, just make sure "sliders" are activated in the general settings).

    Indeed if you are using this layout you would have to edit all the harmonic sounds you are using...

  • Is it true that the du-touch wouldn't be able to transpose in any layout? Or is this a problem only with the accordion/universal layout?

  • If I understood your question, you can transpose the whole keyboard in the du-music settings (central button + settings button)

  • Ok, I still haven't been able to edit my du-sound so that the Cs sound in the right octave. I think I don't really know how to use the official du-sounds and make my own using their samples.

    However, I've been able to make things work with the tranpose feature! I just wish the key feature worked among major/minor and modes so that different buttons would light up depending on if I was using C major or minor. Right now only the major pattern lights up.

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