Feature requests - custom layouts, per sound, with microtonality support

Hi Sergueï and Dualo team,

I'm really enjoying the Du Touch S. It's an awesome instrument. I still have to get used to it... but I'm enjoying it a lot!

I have a few inquiries and/or requests

1) Is there a way to save a different keyboard Layout for different Du-Sounds? Some sounds are perfect for specific layouts... (Piano and other similar instruments would be perfect using the Piano layout, for example, while Accordion sounds would be better using the Accordion layout.. etc), but the Marimba for example I think is perfect for the Dualo layout... in otherwords, I don't want to be stuck with only one layout, but want each sound to take advantage of the layout it's most perfectly suited for. Is it possible to make the Layout a setting that can be set for each sound? if unset... then the master setting would take over.

2) Sergueï, I'm not sure if you remember when we met in Paris, I mentioned that I play different genres of music, including microtonal music (arabic, turkish, etc) where some of the notes are lowered by 50 cents (half flat /b or half sharp /#).

I think the DuTouch can easily be made to support this in the settings, which would push this instrument to amazing new heights... it would open it up to a much wider range of musical expression!!!

Can you please consider allowing us to fine tune specific notes or keys and define new scales with these notes? For example

if you lower the E and B (or Mi and Si) by an amount, say 50 cents, then that gives you the super popular Arabic Scale of C, D, E/b, F, G, A, B/b (and Bb descending)... which gives you so many popular modes like Rast on C, Bayati on D, Sigah on E/b, Jhargah on F, Nawa on G, Husayni on A, Huzam on B/b, and Ajam on Bb. An alternate tuning would to lower the A and E, or the C# and F#, etc. There are so many combinations and opportunities here!

To keep things simple... when you lower a key.... it's lowered across the entire keyboard... in other words.. if you lower the E by 40 cents... then every E across the entire keyboard would be lowered by 40 cents. If you lower the B by 32 cents... then every B would lowered by 32 cents, etc.

These scales can either be set for specific Sounds, or for the whole instrument, with easy recall functionality.

3) Is there a way to let users define their own keyboard layouts in the Du-Station software and then upload it to the machine? The capability would be as follows: 1) Define a note (and specify note, octave, fine tuning in cents) for each button, and 2) set a color (green, orange, or off... red is reserved for when the button is pressed). This would be OUT OF THIS WORLD!! I also play accordion... and I really wanted the left keyboard to play chords instead of Free Bass, while the right keyboard would play chromatic accordion. The possibilities here are incredible. once created... these layouts can be shard with other users.. it would truely be the most advanced midi controller and instrument there is!

Let me know if you would like to discuss this request further... I would love to see these happen in Dualo. it would be amazing! and I'm willing to help anyway I can to see it happen.



  • Hello, thanks for your message !
    1) No, but it might be interesting in a certain way indeed
    2) We did not forget this, it is still written in our desired features (we are still working on other stuff, a major update to be released soon) but I also think this is a nice feature, and we will need it when we make oriental du-games ;)
    3) It is not possible, but might be interesting to think about !

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