Complex Classical and Jazz?

Wondering if anyone's tried playing more complex classical and jazz pieces on this thing. All the demo videos are with super-simple tunes. Would love a video that showed what fingering looks like for some Chopin Etude for example :-)


  • So actually did find something on the "big brother" instrument, which makes me think (a) it makes fingering way easier and (b) you really need access to all those 88 keys.

  • And also that doesn't seem to be available anymore. Anyone know if it's planned, and if so what the price would be around (or just how much the old one was.)

  • Hello,

    Indeed the bigger instrument (unfortunately not for sale anymore since 2015) has a "more comfortable" keyboard to play complex tunes like the Toccata. Just think about the number of octaves you need in a given time (3 for the S, 5 for the L).

    The price of this version was about a thousand euros. We are just beginning to think about a new instrument with a dualo keyboard about this size (but it may not be before a year or two).

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