Unable to download du-station software

Hello. I purchased a Du-Touch S secondhand. I'm unable to download the du-station software. Every time I attempt to do so, the download times out after approximately 5-7MB (the whole file is 78MB.)
It seems like this software is fairly important for updates, etc. Is there a "mirror site" or alternate hosting location? Please advise, thanks!


  • Hello, did you try from different browsers ?
    Are you on Windows, Mac or another OS ?

  • Windows 10, Chrome browser. No problem downloading content from other sites. I'll try Internet Explorer and see how that goes.

  • Thank you. I was able to get it today using Microsoft Edge. Not sure if it was my cache or something with the site. Thanks so much for your help!!

  • One more question please... Serguei the link you sent me is ostensibly for version 2.5. The version on the website is still v1.7? Is the 2.5 a beta? Which one should I use. Again, this is for Windows 10 64-bit. Thank you!

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    It is better if you use the 1.7 version on the website (with working usb protocols) it will just ask for an update for 2.5 being the actual version (but installing directly the 2.5 seems to have a problem with installing the USB protocols properly, we are trying to understand)

  • Yes, thank you that's exactly what I ended up doing. I finally got my PC up to version 2.5 and also the Du-touch S up to the latest firmware. Now to begin!!

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