du clip #20 Tetris dualo cover

this is one of my favourite dualo performances... i would love to know how jules made the tetris blocks falling down.. 
anybody here knows how? the animation doesn't look like it was played before.. so it must be some kind of midi from a DAW? 

it seems like it is possible to send midi-data from a DAW to the dualo and save the midi sequence on the dualo?!... 

please help ;)

greetings Maverix


  • Yes you are right : Jules used Finale to write a midi score, and then send it to the du-touch while he was playing. As it's pretty old, the behavior of the midi in with the lights might not be exactly the same now, I'll check that. The main idea was that two midi channel are used for the lights and doesn't produce sound, the other channel generate sound inside the du-touch.

    Today, it's not possible to record midi in data into the internal looper of the du-touch.
  • thx Bruno for your answer ;)
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