Hi everyone, I guess I am the first to notice this "issue".

When I am looking at my du-music, pressing the music button. I have all my du-music on the left, and all my loops on the right !

If I would like to delete one loop I just press it for 2/3 sec and then it is deleted, same as du-music. However, the light of my du-music do not turn off, just stays red. It would be good if the light turns off when the du-music is deleted. 



  • It is the case actually, what you face is totally normal :
    When you hold for 3 seconds it only delete the loops (it is written delete loops on the screen), the du-music settings are still there (scale, tempo etc.) and so the key is red. When you hold more than 3 sec, it deletes all the dumusic and then it becomes "blank".

    When on a blank slot you enter the du-music settings, it automatically becomes red, to save your settings.
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