Release Notes

It would be really nice if the dualo developers could post to this forum when there is a release of the software, along with notes for what bugs were fixed, and any new features implemented.


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    You can find all of these infos on du-station when a new update is available for your instrument
  • Actually, you can't find out if there is an update unless you plug in your instrument and connect it.
    Which why it would also be nice if this forum announced it when there was an update...
  • I agree with mzero. I don't plough my dualo in every day - most of the time I just enjoy practicing and playing. I do have a close eye on the forum though.

    As you already have all that information, why not paste it to a release notes forum? People will be able to discuss how the new features work for them, and can use Google translate on that single thread to understand all messages in that thread - instead of trying to find those community discussions fragmented threads...
  • Sounds great, I will suggest that to the dualo team
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