Notes get played twice (or loop settings are entered) when single-tapping a key at low velocity...


I found that with default settings, when i tap a key once, there's a very good chance that the key plays twice. For some instruments it's barely noticeable, but for other instruments (like percussion) it's a bit disturbing.

Another area where this becomes problematic: I frequently enter loop settings by accident, when instead i just want to start or stop a loop. Same cause probably: the du-touch thinks i pressed the key twice.

Specific observations:
  • If I tap a key once with velocity > 60: this usually works fine, sound is played only once.
  • If I tap a key once with velocity < 50: sound is played twice most of the time
  • If I gently press a key (resting finger on pad, then pushing down without first lifting the finger), I can play low-velocity sounds without playing them twice by accident

This is on a du-touch S with firmware v1.1.1



  • Hey, thank you for your feedback.

    The next update will equilibrate the keyboards, maybe this "problem" will be kinda solved.
     It is funny how many times this issue has been reported though. And at Dualo's, we have been testing the du-touch S for a while now, and we are kinda used to the keyboard and we don't really have this problem "anymore".

    My answer seems more like a "get used to it" answer than a "yeah there is a problem". Actually, the keys are made for hitting ; do not be afraid of hurting your instrument, it is made in France, not in China lol.

    If the next update does not help, try to play in piano/forte sensitivity, to learn to hit harder ;)
  • Thx Sergueï!
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