lighting up identical sounding keys (e.g. D♯ and E♭ both light up when either is played)

I am in the process of realizing what it means that on the du-touch S
with the dualo layout, you can't play the full chromatic scale on only
one side (something i am looking forward to trying out if i ever get my
hands on a du-touch L). I noticed this when I tried to practice playing
two full chromatic octaves, from C0 to C2 in half tone steps.

i think could help would be an additional configuration option in
"lighted keys" which would highlight not just the current key played,
but also any corresponding key that produces the same sound. For
example, when you press D-sharp on the left keyboard, that key would
light up, but in addition the E-minor key on the right keyboard would also light up.

can certainly live without it, but i think it would help other new
players also to get more comfortable with the smaller du-touch S more


  • Hi,

    Yeah, the du-touch L is more comfortable for the chromatic scale.
    Well, your idea seems great, and it would be also comfortable for the percussion sets : you may have noticed that the keyboards are symmetrical but two lines are not really symmetrical and lit up in green by default to help notice them
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