HOWTO get the du-station working on Debian Linux

The du-station software still has some pretty sharp edges, so here's some tips on how to get it working for those who can't or don't want to spend the time figuring this out. This was written for Debian Buster, but will likely work on other Debians and Debian based distributions like Ubuntu.

First, getting du-station to run. In my case it was installed under a somewhat unusual /opt/dualo/du-station/du-station. After launching du-station will tell you about an update and possibly that it cannot connect to your du-touch S (if you have the USB-cable plugged in).

So, updating the software. The du-station might complain about server getting too many requests, or file being corrupted, but after trying enough many times, eventually du-station will crash. It should have downloaded a du-station_1.2.1.deb file within the Documents folder inside your home. You can install this graphically by double clicking it and giving your password, or by using the command line and the command "sudo dpkg -i ~/Documents/du-station_1.2.1.deb".

If you also got the error about connecting to the instrument itself, you need to create a file /etc/udev/rules.d/80-dutouch.rules with the following contents:

ACTION!="add|change", GOTO="my_android_device_rules_end"
SUBSYSTEM!="usb|tty|hidraw", GOTO="my_android_device_rules_end"

ATTRS{idVendor}=="2985", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0006", MODE="664", GROUP="plugdev"


and make sure that your user belongs to the group plugdev (it likely does).

After this, you should be able to connect to the du-touch and update it's firmware.
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