Forum problem: The black dualo menu bar covers the top portion of the forum

Whenever i scroll to the top of the page in the forums, the black dualo
menu bar (Community/Support/About/Shop) appears -- and covers part of
the forum. For example, this makes it (almost) impossible to change your
forum profile, because the profile link is on top of the page, and will
be covered by the black dualo menu bar, which is at the same location
as the content but one z-level above. The "dualo" menu bar is also on
top of the 'forum menu bar", so the forum menu
(Categories/Discussions/Activity) cannot be used at all.

Go to forum, scroll down until the black dualo menu bar disappears.
Then press the "Page Up" button on your keyboard while looking at the
top of the screen: You'll briefly see the forum menu, and then it gets
covered when the Dualo menu comes in from the top.

Maybe in the
forum, you can disable the menu bar overlay, and instead put it
statically at the top of the page, instead of at a different z-layer, to
make the forum easier to use? Thanks!


  • edited August 2017

    Indeed, we had resolved this issue before shutting down the forum for a few days (maintenance stuff), but when we turned it on again we forgot to put this little margin back

    It should be better now ;)
  • It's a tiny bit better now; in Firefox, i can now see that there's another menu bar but not read anything. Thanks!
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