Need a way to change brightness of the music button. It makes it hard to play at night.

When I play the dualo at night, I use the "key brightness" setting to set the
brightness of the keys to its lowest setting.

This works great -
but with one exception: the music button continues to glare at full
power -- it is really hard to relax the eyes when there is such a bright
white light that you don't want to see. I wish i had a third hand so i
could cover it up while still using the other two hands to play... The
display is also too bright
in dark settings, but not as bad as the music button.

Can you please fix this in a future
firmware update, i.e. allow changing the brightness of display and
music button also, or if those light sources don't support different
brightness levels, at least allow turning off the light behind the music

For example, after entering settings, it would be great
to touch the "key brightness" button a couple of times to cycle through
brightness settings for "keys", "music button" and "display".



  • Hi,
    Yeah you're right !

    We've already taken this demand into consideration,
    I don't know when it will be implemented though, engineers are more focused on more critical problems at the moment, but sometimes they may want to get some rest with easy stuff like that :P

    Soon, maybe !
  • I came here to report this, too. Just make it follow the key brighness.
    At present, in a dim room, or venue, the music button is just way way way too bright.
  • There are even situations (such as when enabling the visual metronome) where the music button gets even brighter; then after turning the metronome off, it stays that bright until you restart the du-touch. It's like looking into a flashlight.

    If nothing else, it's a reason to wear my sunglasses at night :-)
  • Well volty, you HAVE TO update your du-touch, we have corrected that problem.

    Note to all of you, please update your du-touch frequently :)
  • I check for updates every day, but haven't seen any updates in the past few days. my du-touch S is at v1.1.1 and du-station is at v1.2.1 build 22... But just knowing that you have fixed this I'm really excited to get the update eventually :-)
  • Hey, do not check every day, but more like every week, specially because we are in august (lots of holidays for dualo team members) ^^

    And we are not going to release a new version just to correct a little feature like this, there are way more important stuff (but maybe less visible in the first place) to take care of :)

    But don't worry, I'm sure you'll get an update soon (I know because I'm testing it for a few days)
  • Sounds good!
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