File size restriction for du-sounds?

I created some Vocal samples using Audacity (merged stereo to mono and saved as 16bit .wav)
Now i want to upload some to my new Dualo du-touch S, but even so all were created using the same method,
the du-station software "crashes" as soon as i try to upload Files of 25-35MB
It basically starts the upload, but the counter stops below 3KB, but the "wheel" keeps spinning and spinning forever.
In the end i have to shut down the Dualo and restart the Du-station software.
So i was wondering if the File size is an issue?
And if, how can i create lighter Files. I only know Audacity and hope for an explanation using this Software.
Thanks in advance


  • Hi,

    You did well, but know that du-station automatically merge to mono and 16 bits. It even corrects to 44100Hz (but you might hear this kind of automatic change if you compare your original sample and the one played in the du-touch). The best thing to do is still to make your samples with the settings I just told you, to minimize the risk.

    The file size is not an issue, I've made a lot of heavier instruments (like a 120MB piano), and it worked. But your problem is not unknown (yet very rare). It might happen that the counter stops at 3kb, but it should continue within minutes at worse.
    Try to make another du-sound with your samples, with less samples maybe.

    Lighter files are only made with less and shorter samples. Make sure you have deleted the useless silences at the beginning and the end for example. But with a 2Gb du-touch, big files are only an issue because of the time they take to travel through the USB cable :P
  • Hi Serguei
    Ok, but thats the setiings i used during export in Audacity, strange.
    I'll try again.
    One more thing though:
    All my Vocal Samples i created and uploaded are WAY to quiet and even manual adjustment of a single du-sound does not help.
    I need to creat them all again probably, but how do i make sure they are loud enough?
  • Just realised it is the same for the du-sounds i downloaded from
    For example the music sounds of Slim Shady are loud, but as soon as i activate Eminems vocals and try to add same while the music plays - you cannot hear them at all.
    What am i doing wrong here?

  • edited August 2017
    Normalise your samples at 3dB ;)

    And well lower the volume of the other loops
  • Ok, will do. Thanks!
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