I want to buy a dualo but am having a really hard time deciding which one to get. I have a little music experience with the guitar as messing around with garageband on my mac.  I like the size and portability of the Dualo S, but am wondering if it is harder to play giving its size compared to the original.  I would also like to be able to have room to grow as I improve and am wondering if the Dualo S having only three octo and 2G of memory would hold me back later as I improve and think about performing.  I know it really comes down to personal preference but any help opinions would be appreciated.



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    Hi, I work with dualo and I have been testing the two versions. I have a big musical background with acoustic instruments and I am a dualo L player since 2 years and a half.

    - You will have more than enough room to improve your skills and sounds to become a good musician with the S version and 2 Gb. If you plan to have fun with friends, and/or play live for about an hour (maybe more) with good quality sounds (52 is a very good range), I think the S version is the best for you (and you can have it fast ! :P).
    - If you want to become a huge star and play live for hours, making epic solos on one hand (double chromatic keyboards), and play with a number of sounds you can't even handle, the L version is for you (but you'll have to wait more to get it).

    From the L version to the S version, it is not that harder to play, you can transpose the octave with a simple gesture on the S version. But I miss the chromatic keyboards on both sides on the S version, but that's a pianist talking...

    Do not hesitate if you have more questions :P
  • I dont know a lot about music theory, but I watched the youtube video explaining the difference between the S and L as far as the chromatic applies to the keyboards. How would it affect my ability to play? is it a major disadvantage to not having the chromatic keyboards on each side? Or is it something that only an experienced musician would notice?
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    To my point of view, if you are new to the dualo world and if you don't have a big musical background, the du-touch S is perfect. 
    Also, considering the du-touch L will only comes in a few months, I'd rather start with a du-touch S, exploring all its possibilities and if in a few months you believe you need more, switch to the du-touch L. 
    As we are delivering the du-touch S by batch, second hand du-touch are pretty rare on the market. Which means if you sell your du-touch S in a few months, you will sell it fast without losing big money. If you play on it 6-8 months on it and sell it 150€ less than the price you paid for, it would have cost you 20€ per month, which is not a big deal.
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