Song title : The Real Slim Shady
Compositor : Dr Dre
Difficulty :
Media link of your personal arrangement :
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Juste le claveçin où il y a un petit coup à prendre le reste est simplissime.

Ne pas oublier de mettre le quantiseur, c'est mieux pour le groove, paradoxalement.

Pour les samples, demandez à Julo : jules@dualo.org


  • Hello
    Well, while i wait for my own Dualo i try to learn and prepare as much as i can in advance.
    Just to be sure: The File i can download on this page will enable the Dualo to show the notes i need to play,
    but all the sound and lyrics .wav samples are not included, am i right?
    If so, can you please point me to the place/site where i can download them?
    Or are you able to share them via the du-station software?
    I basically understand all the principles, but i still have not found the source where i can get all the single .wav Files i need.
    If anyone here would like to help me out and tell me where or how to get .wav Files that in the end make a song, i would very much appreciate you support.
    Thanks i advance 
  • PS
    I think i look for a source where i can download all those samples that i would collect under "my du-sounds" in du-station - correct?
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    Hi Andy

    The wav files are here, on du-sound.org, you can also find more than a hundred other du-sounds, and share your own : http://du-sound.org/?s=eminem

    Download the file, then put in your du-touch through the du-station, and normally the du-music will play by itself. If not, double click on the silent loop of "Eminem", double click on the first settings key (it will change to "change sound"), then choose the Eminem du-sound (just like the way you usually select a du-sound).
  • Hi Sergueï

    Thanks a lot! I did not have a Login for du-sound.org yet. I now registered myself and loaded the Files in my du-station Software.

    One more question, maybe you know: 
    Will the du-music File only work with the dualo du-touch or also the S Version? 

    Thanks a lot for your help!!!
    I can't wait to finally get my dualo du-touch and start  playing. :)

    Merci beacoup!

  • Well, actually,

    For the du-music files, you probably know that the number of loops we can record/play differs depending on whether we are on the S or the L version. We can record up to 7 tracks on both, 3 or 4 loops per track for L version, and 2 or 3 for S version.

    The "simple" du-musics (with one to 2/3 loop per track) created with the L version will be compatible with the S version. So in the end, with a "complex" du-music (3/4 loops per track), you may not see all the loops of the du-music (for now, things may change because we are working on it).

    Same thing for the du-sounds because we have been building them on du-station for a 116 key instrument (the L version), and the S version has less.
    Harmonic instruments (piano, guitar...) won't be a problem (because you can change octaves on the instrument), but you may not see all the sounds of a percussive set / samples du-sound (such as Eminem).

    But don't worry, S users will create du-sounds and du-musics for S version as well, with everything playable, and a S version of Eminem samples will probably be released as well !
  • Ok, i see. Thank you.
    Good i pre-ordered both Version.  :)
    Can't wait to play myself.

  • Bonjour je viens de recevoir mon dualo, et j'en suis très très content, mais dans la deuxième boucle de ce morceau c'est a dire 2 Harpsichord la note la plus aiguë est placé en haut du dualo donc ça  me joue un ré b grave auriez vous une astuce?   
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