Missing features no-"display score" distortion missing settings

My du-touch doesn't have the "display score" setting anywhere, it's in the user guide, but I don't have it.Also my distortion settings only allow for tube and off, there's not various tubes-smooth-fuzz-metal, or gain setting at the bottom where there's supposed to be three buttons there's only two.
Is this normal and a coming feature, or am I possibly holding a faulty controller?


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    Hi Trevor
    to find the "display score"
    -tap and hold the "dualo" button just above the volume scroll wheel
    -then choose the loop that you want to learn and double tap quickly on it kepping the "dualo button hold
    -some keys should be lighted in green on the right keyboard, you can realease the "dualo button"
    -choose the button on the middle top of the right keyboard.
    - choose "on" and follow the lights.
    wishing that's helps you ;)
  • Thanks for the reply, but those are the instructions in the user guide that I follwed to the letter, there IS NO DISPLAY SCORE on my controller, no matter what buttons I push in whatever combo.
    It's becoming appearent my du-touch is a bad one.
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