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Find here all the links you need to learn, create & have fun with dualo:

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Meet other dualists

The community of dualo players, dualists, grows every day throughout the world. Take a look at the map: there may be a player near your place!

Always further,
Never alone

The dualo community is also an inexhaustible source of songs and sounds.

Enrich your instrument with new custom sounds! In addition to a hundred sounds provided with your instrument, thanks to the site you have access to many sounds made by other players and you can share yours.

Learn new songs. Choose from songs made by the community. From Bach to Daft Punk, if you do not find your favorite song, do not hesitate to ask the community to make it for you.

The private group on Facebook, the forum & the plateform allows dualists to communicate and share their creations

Progress with other players

In addition to our video tutorials, community players can help you grow as a musician.
Tricks, tips, tutorials, each player plays the instrument in his own way. Asking questions and watching other players will probably bring you new dimensions to your game.

Meet other players near you, to exchange and play together!