Easy to learn, easy to enjoy

Learn music

without theory and freely

Have you ever wanted to play music?

You tried but want to start playing music again?

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The Dualo is built to be accessible to everyone, even if you have no musical background. It’s designed to be completely intuitive. Dualo gives you all the tools to allow you to become a Dualo maestro – but also to better understand the way music works in all its different forms.

“I wanted to play music […] as I had to choose an instrument, I decided to buy one that makes everything!” Romain – Beginner musician

Video tutorials on Youtube

Explore the instruments already loaded on the du-touch, have fun, play as you feel and record simple loops. Pour aller plus loin We offer you free three series of video and interactive tutorials. A first one to help you develop your technique and make more professional sounding pieces.

A second one will delve deeper into rhythm and harmony. Finally, a third set of practical tutorials will give you the key to understanding how to play a piece in a particular style: (reggae, latin, jazz, soul, hip-hop, rock, metal, electro…). The basic rhythms, which instruments to use, typical chord progressions and much more…

No need to take classes, learn wherever you want following on-line tutorials on youtube from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

” I’ve always wanted to play the piano, drums, guitar, everything! With the du-touch you can do anything and it’s easy! “ Denis – Beginner Musician

The dualo keyboard

Formidably effective

On the dualo keyboard, successive notes sound good together, and the scales and chords are represented by simple geometric shapes. It is very intuitive. You will literally see and understand what you play. By playing steadily, only few weeks are needed to make up your reflexes and play without thinking.

You can have fun with the keyboard straight away. display the scale of your choice, then start by feeling your way, the notes that form chords are grouped together. Hitting simultaneously multiple successive pads following the lights, you play chords of the scale. With those two very simple hints, you can create harmony without even thinking about it and writing catchy melodies, even if you have no musical experience..

” The dualo makes me explore new ways of understanding and teaching music with my students, and in my personal compositions too. “ Jonathan Jacobs – Music Teacher

Learn at the speed of light

Each tutorial is accompanied by a tune that you can load in your du-touch and learn to play by letting the lights guide your fingers. So, no need for sheet music, or for a teacher. We have thought of everything. You can teach yourself in a few weeks what would take months of practice to master on a guitar or piano.

To learn it, no need of music theory :

  • Download songs on our platform
  • Select the track you want to learn and follow the lights like i video game
  • You can adapt the tempo depending on your level

Learn how to play Night Call by Kavinsky with the du-touch



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