A limitless


The ultimate stand-alone instrument

In studio, on stage, outdoors, everything is possible

Discover what you will be able to do in a few DAYS

The du-touch has been designed to be played live… Portable, mobile and extremely easy to connect, the du-touch allows you to have real connection with the audience.

Play, mix and move

without any constraints

Human First – Jules Hotrique

Live @New Morning (FR)

The electronic musical instrument

finally free on stage

New Morning– Serguei Becoulet

Live @New Morning (FR)

Discover what you will be able to play in A FEW WEEKS

“The Art of Looping” – Youtube Hits Mashup

Combine the du-touch with other instruments

Play and sing

Ma Benz  /Brigitte cover – Zé Mathias

Live @Le Pop In(FR)

Use the du-touch as a sequencer

Bakermat Strandfeest dualo remix – Olivier Pierson

Live @ Le Zebre Rouge (FR)

Wherever you like, whenever you want

Métro 2 Paris  / Greenless

Niev Nietch Nievitch / Jules Hotrique

Control musical software with your du-touch

20SYL Fashawn Copycat Remix – Zé Mathias

Compatible with all MIDI hardware and software, such as:

  • Ableton Live
  • Reason
  • Fruity Loops StudioA
  • Garageband
  • Cubase
  • Logic Pro

And for those seeking for virtuosity



The du-touch power from 479€