2019: a new chapter for dualo

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The du-touch in 1 minute

Patented and awarded many times, the dualo design was made to apprehend music in an intuitive way.

Understand music easily
with no theory

The dualo du-touch is an autonomous, mobile and all-in-one new music instrument. It was designed after a unique and patented note layout, the dualo principle :

Chords are represented by easy shapes, identical over the entire keyboard. More precisely, notes are sorted by thirds, in other words notes sounding good together are arranged next to each other.

Moreover, scales are directly displayed on the keyboard ; all you have to do is follow the light path to play harmoniously. But you can go off the beaten track

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, our  new music instrument are designed to give you an immediate pleasure to play, focusing more on practice instead of theory. However, the dualo layout will give you a new vision of music, making music theory easier and more understandable.

Play freely, wherever you are

Create music easily, spontaneously

The du-touch is a mobile new music instrument, integrating everything you need to play and compose wherever you are and whenever you want.

Small, light and featuring a long life battery, the du-touch is going to be your best musical companion.

You don’t need a computer to play. You can create, play and produce music very easily allowing you to compose whole music pieces wherever you are, following your inspiration.

Even if you have
never played music before

Romain, beginner musician, composed and played his first composition within two weeks !

weight dualo white

Weight :
du-touch L : 1,2 kg
du-touch S : 0,6 kg


No need of a computer to play,
the included du-station software allows you to manage your sounds and pieces in memory.

dualo cross size

du-touch S : 18 x 18 x 5cm
du-touch L : 28 x 28 x 8cm


Battery life:
8h autonomy

Reveal your talent

Compose, arrange… without limits

Record and remix your tracks in real time, with a simple gesture of the hand!

Express your creativity

  • Add your own sounds : with an internal memory up to 2 Gb, the only limit is your imagination.
  • Transform your sounds directly on the du-touch thanks to the integrated multi-effects (flanger, filter, distortion…).
  • To impress your public and enhance your expressivity, control your effects with two sliders, a gyroscope, and an aftertouch.
  • The new music instrument and its sensors are MIDI compatible, to control any type of music software (Reason, Ableton Live,…).

up to 4Gb memory & 116 sounds

up to 24 loops

13 settings

gyro, sliders, aftertouch

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Every styles possible

Discover all musical genres
and build yours

Through our tutorials but also our weekly videos, you will discover all the stylistic possibilities offered by the dualo. Each video is associated with a soundbank and an electronic score that allows you to play quietly the song at home and discover new sounds.

Below, find a list of some playable styles in the dualo

Mix Music




“It’s beautiful, 15 minutes to handle an instrument”


“I’ll use it to find ideas and loops while travelling or during the commute”