Arrange notes harmoniously


On the Dualo Keyboard, notes are arranged alternatively to the left and to the right, so we have one finger by note of an octave and one chord by hand. 


du-touchlumineuxOn a du-touch, we can light the scale on keys, which allows to improvise with ease, without the need to know music theory.

dessins-accordsTo play a chord, just play 3 or 4 notes that follow. In this way 7 basic chords are represented by 7 symmetrical drawings (the diagram below shows the right hand).

accord-dual_fonda To play a scale, each hand plays a chord, that is two drawings to know. For example, to play the C scale, one major chord on the right hand and one minor chord on the left hand. 

notesclaviersSharps are inside and flats are outside. Notes are ordered by third, major to the inside and minor to the outside. 



The dualo principle in details

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