A young innovating company at the service of music.

The Dualo Company designs and manufactures a new generation of music instruments based on a new arrangement of notes which is original and patented, the dualo principle. The purpose of Dualo is to revolutionize musical practice.

The origin of the project

Jules Hotrique is a mathematician as well as a musician who is deeply interested in musical harmony. Having studied harmonic forms for two years, Jules makes up a mathematical model allowing the representation of notes inside a geometrical space. He calls this model the “dualo principle”.

In 2007 and 2008, he implemented this theory by making two prototypes of dualo keyboard. He got a patent in 2009 and since then the instrument has been presented to a number of amateur and professionnal musicians as well as to institutional financiers and manufacturers. The prototype made in 2008 is regularly used in rehearsals, demonstrations and concerts.  

In december 2009, following the advice of the Francilian innovation Centre and considering the enthusiasm aroused each time he gives a concert, Jules decides to develop this product and to associate with Bruno Verbrugghe, a friend of his and a member of Pavé Jazz association. Besides, he is an engineer specialized in electronical  instruments making as well  as in the interaction between sound and gesture and karaoke video games. This collaboration ended up by the creation of the Dualo Company in January 2011 and by the extension of the team.

 Since its creation, the first prototype of a dualo instrument has been presented to  more than 500 amateur or professionnal musicians as well as to numerous retailers, distributors, composers, researchers, teachers, instruments makers.

Considering this experience, Dualo is now conceiving a new generation of dualo instruments: the “du-touch”. The dualo team brings together various talents having high level technical skills and love for music. Our ambition is to offer to amateur or professionnal musicians a new instrument characterized by its intuitive, evolutive and changeable possibilities. This instrument is the result of several decades of technological achievements allowing great virtuosity and important ways of expression as well as new musical movements much closer to the body.

The team

Jules Hotrique: President and co-founder of Dualo. Jules, who is a mathematician and a musician able to play several instruments and who is keen on musical harmony,  made up the dualo principle. He got a master’s degree in abstract mathematics at Paris XI-Orsay University and was admissible twice at the “agrégation” of maths (French competitive exam). Jules taught for 5 years and led musical improvisation workshops in middle schools. He also took an active part in educational innovation inside public education. He was at the origin of several musical projects some out of the ordinary, some others more eclectic. Jules has a ten years experience in the artistic world.

Bruno Verbrugghe: Managing director and co-founder of Dualo. Bruno, who  is a computer engineer and a musician able to play several instruments, has gathered a long experience in various fields combining technology, sound and music. He got a master’s degree in acoustic research, signal processing and IT applied to music at the Institute of Research and musical acoustic Coordination (IRCAM) / Paris VI University. Bruno is specialized in electronical instrument making and real-time systems for musical interaction.  At the end of several years spent working in interaction systems focused on singing voice, and particularly on karaoke video games developed on consoles, Bruno joined Jules in the Dualo venture in 2010.


Tanguy LeFloc’h-Souet: Manager for hardware development. He got a master’s degree at the Central School of Electronics of Paris. Thanks to him, you can have a dualo humming like a Swiss clock.

Michaël Mardinian: Manager for the development of on-board software. He got a master’s degree at the Central School of Electronics of Paris, Michaël is a computer engineer and a multi-instrument musician. Thanks to him, your dualo is able to do everything you have always dreamt of.


Frédéric Simon: Founder of Nimos Design agency. Frédéric designed the du-touch. Thanks to him, you can have an aesthetically pleasing dualo and easy to take in hand.

Julien Debyser : Founder of the Ancre Noire agency. He is responsible for the visual identity and the  webdesign of Dualo. Thanks to him, you can appreciate our website and the numerous emotions the Dualo key may suggest.




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Prestigious awards

Dualo received several awards for its excellence and innovation:

Special jury mention in design category at the Grand Prix of the Innovation of the city of Paris in 2011.

Winner of the innovation cluster awarded by Plaine Commune in 2011.

Recipient of innovating companies seed funding awarded by Scientipôle Initiative in June 2011.

Winner of the HEC Paris Challenge+ program for young entrepreneurs in innovation.




Major supports

Since its creation, Dualo has been backed by a number of organizations related to innovation and music.

The Francilian Innovation Centrehistorically supports Dualo since 2009. Dualo warmly thanks M. Frédéric Duriez for his wise advice.

Dualo is backed by OSEO, the public company  in charge of financing French SME for innovation and development.

Dualo is now a member of Cap-Digital, the innovation cluster in 2012.

Dualo is backed by the Lieu Du Design and warmly thanks Renan Sobaga for his advice and interest since the project appeared.

Dualo has received the support of the Captronic Jessica program en 2011.

Dualo is working on a research project financed by the National Cinema Centre (CNC).

Dualo is supported by the IRCAM (Research Institute on acoustical music) which is a world-famous research and artistic creation centre (CNRS / Centre (Pompidou).

Dualo is supported by the EDIM, a school of modern music accredited by the ministry of culture and training amateur and professionnal musicians.

Dualo is supported by Pavé Jazz, an association whose purpose is to set up a network of amateur and professionnal musicians around jazz and modern music.

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